Sunday, 26 April 2009

The taste of your breath, I'll never get over

I know I shouldn't be harping over it but sometimes it just makes me sad.

Sad because I'll never get to experience life in those schools again.

Emo shit, yes, but I can't help it. I start thinking about how VJ is like seriously the coolest JC in town with all their sponsors and fun people and school spirit. Or how I won't be able to follow the footsteps of my parents, uncles, aunts and sister by going to TJ.

Now I feel like I have to prove something -_-

Also, TPJ may be fun and I don't wanna diss my friends but if someone came right up to me and offered me a place in VJ or TJ...

I think I'd take it readily and without hesitation.

Your favourite guy who still hasn't gotten over stuff like that,

Posted by Az at 6:18 PM


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