Sunday, 19 April 2009


I opened my eyes to find myself in a vehicle driving down Dunman Road. It drove into Tanjong Katong Secondary School and dropped me off.

Looking up to the evening sky, with its streaks of magenta and orange and the school compound against it triggered an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.

It was the year 2006. I was back in Secondary 2, but I remember all my experiences from then till mid-April 2009.

I saw a few CCAs having their respective gatherings and training sessions. They all must have been having camp, I suppose.

I walked to the soccer field, where a structure built by the scouts stood tall. There I met a Secondary 2 Justin and I talked to him about stuff.

We hung around and I saw Xiao Li who, if not for my experience in TPJC I would have never noticed, and I talked to him too.

I talked of how I knew what award the band was going to get for SYF that year, and how in the next year and onwards, they would start to suck. And then, I started talking about how awesome TK is and what the future would hold for us.

I then walked with two guys to the barbeque pit where we tried to hide from Mr Lee who was walking to his car.

All of a sudden, my thoughts that were still excited by the fact that I was back in my true second home turned to Ashley. I was in Secondary 2, when our paths still hadn't crossed. 'Should I add her on MSN? Nah, that would mess with how everything will unravel,' I thought to myself.

That was part of my dream last night. It felt so real, especially the feeling of nostalgia.

Honestly, I felt relieved and just plain happy to know that I still had at least 2 years of TK left.

I kinda wish that dream would come true.

Also, while looking for the above picture, I scrolled through tons of posts in Amirul's old blog. Since he was a photofreak, I saw a bunch of photos from the good ol' days.

I miss reading what used to be his blogging.

I also miss my friends in TK. Be it 4J, the guys in NCC (Sea) who are like brothers and all the fun times we had.

Bleah. Seriously. I want my dream to come true.

Your favourite guy hanging on to the past,

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