Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Beginning with the end in mind

One of the holy seven habits. Or something.

Pretty normal if someone says the end in mind is 'A' Levels, 'O' Levels or even a Math problem. Then they begin with the goal of doing well and getting a good end.

For me, however, the end would be death.

So for me, I begin with death in mind. Like how some would want to complete their 'A' Levels with no regrets and do well, I want to be able to die knowing I've lived a full life, have no regrets, and the only reason I'd feel sad is because of my love and love for life.

That is the end I want to work towards.

However that doesn't necessarily mean I'll go through my life without a plan and just live by the day.

I hope to go through life and the ups and downs and later on find that those bumps on the road added to the whole experience of life.

Also, for those who think that this is stupid and that I should focus on 'A' Levels first, I don't blame you. I too know that I should be focused on it. And I hope to do that.

I just won't sell my soul to an examination. I'll enjoy the whole experience of 'A' Levels.

Anyway, I came up with a quote a few days ago and I think it can relate to this topic.

"Those who desire only the end result should be happy to die at birth."
- Azri Alwi, 2010


Your favourite liver (lol),

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