Friday, 8 January 2010

The opening of the year and the review of the old


The year 2009 was a year full of new experiences, discoveries and lessons learnt and above all, GROWTH.

It began with the end of post O-Levels period, which was totally awesome and what life should be like for everyone. What followed though, was great disappointment and grief. And then depression. The stars that were all yellow apparently didn't shine for me, and so I lived life in TPJC full of dread under the shadow of the unaccomplished goals of Victoria and Temasek.

Which turned out to be a good thing, actually.

If my appeal to TJC had been successful, I wouldn't have had the chance to take Art as a subject, which would leave me with the unimaginable prospect of taking another Arts subject (At which I would undoubtedly just fail). Other than subjects, though, I met some pretty awesome people. Fadhil and Hafiz to name just two of them.

I don't believe it to be fate, because if I did make it to VJC or TJC or (God forbid) MJC, I would be saying the same thing, except maybe names apart from Fadhil and Hafiz. But I did what all of nature would do: Adapt and then evolve.

I still miss TK, and I often wonder what life in VJC would've been like, but I won't leave my current lot in life for it. Again, because I've adapted to TPJC and love my friends there.

Perhaps somewhere in this multiverse there's another (Or perhaps more than one) Azri in a parallel reality who did awesomely for his O's and managed to get into VJC. I'm happy for him and would like to meet him one day. And be friends with him.


I'm pretty dang grateful I ended up here instead of TJC or MJC (No offence to the former).

Also, if I met my past self, I'd just do one thing to that emo bastard. Slap him in the face, and show him the heartfelt blogpost he wrote before getting his O-Levels results in which he said "But I am, from the bottom of my heart, really happy and grateful that everything happened the way it did."

And then I'd laugh in his face and say "NOT SO HAPPY NOW, AREN'T YA?"

Not because I have anything against that guy. I'm just a gigantic bastard that way. My kids will be the unluckiest kids ever, for having such a bastard dad (That is, if anyone could love someone with such an evil sense of humour).


Ima take this year on by the balls.

That essentially means being awesome while doing awesomely in studies; with four CCAs (Did I use the semicolon right?).

Those four CCAs being Choir, Rock Climbing, Art (I regard it as co-curricular and awesome) and Dance. Dance is awesome, as are the other three, but I only discovered this recently.

Four CCAs + A-Levels year = DANTE AZRI MUST DIE mode

Obviously, this calls for a whole lot more discipline than I'm summoning right now. And so, I will have to motivate myself continuously throughout the year and spend (A whole lot) less time on my dearest laptop. Which would be good practice too, since I usually just stone and find stupid things to fill my mind with.

Just to add to the challenge of the coming year, I'll try get me a girlfriend.

So speaking of stupid things, have you seen this video that they showed us TPJCians at the start of the year?

They don't allow embedding, so it's here. Notice all the fail in it.

Then watch the wonderful parody made by Shaun of Politically Incorrect Studios Singapore (PISS).

Note that I was supposed to parody the politically correct girl with the fake accent.

So...yeah. Feels good to be blogging again. Seeya when I decide to come back!


Your favourite beatboxing ambigrammist (I should change this),

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