Saturday, 16 October 2010

Linkin Park prophecy?

So ever since Minutes To Midnight was released, Linkin Park has been accused of "changing too much" or "deviating from their old sound". The release of A Thousand Suns did the same. Now we all know Hybird Theory and Meteora kicked (and still kicks) ass, but because some people have it ingrained in their minds that Linkin Park's changing, they're not who they originally were.

But this change shouldn't be the case. Zooming back to Hybrid Theory (Tour Edition, if you have it), we should take a listen to High Voltage. There's a spoken verse that says something like:

And like the rock and rap
You know what i mean
People act like you know
Wow that’s a new invention
That shits brand new
We're constantly evolving
It is constantly changing


There's a lot of change
Everybody's always up with labels
There ain’t no label for this shit
They're always gonna try to put a label on it
Try to create something
So they can water it down

So here we can see (or hear) that they've said, from the very beginning (or even before, 'cuz High Voltage was actually made before Hybrid Theory) that they're constantly evolving and changing. And that there ain't no label for that shit (the rock and rap that everyone thinks defines Linkin Park). You get the idea.

If that's not enough to convince you about their clairvoyance, check this. Right after that verse Chester sings "Sometimes I feel like a prophet..." and adds immediately that he's "misunderstood under the gun like a new disease".

Now where else have we heard the phrase "under a gun"?


Hahaha. Note that I don't really believe in this, but it just crossed my mind while listening to Linkin Park and walking home one otherwise perfectly normal afternoon. And if you know me well enough, you'd know I love coming up with conspiracies and the like just for the lulz.

But just to get things clear, I'm perfectly cool if you dislike ATS or MTM in favour of Meteora and Hybrid Theory. I mean, that's your taste, so why should I intervene. No offence intended and none taken.



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