Friday, 22 October 2010


Remember when I said life in college will never compare with life in secondary school?

I realised in the recent weeks that it doesn't have to. In so many ways I've grown more here in TPJC than in TK, but in so many other ways I've also grown more in TK. The best years of your life don't have to be confined to just a single chapter or 'season' in your life but rather the whole experience (someone cue Joseph and Hafiz's "Let's build this up/I say let's build this up").

I would never have imagined that I'd go to Europe, finish two huge-ass paintings, learn to be an asshole (intentionally, at that) or be a student leader without a voice, among other things. The same goes for the people I've met. In the past six years, I never expected to meet people so inspiring in both subtle and obvious ways, who motivate me on a much deeper level than any hired motivational speaker can.

I'm not really awesome with words, but to everyone who has made this experience such an enriching one, I hope that you guys will continue to do the same for me, others and especially yourselves in your own unique ways, and I hope that I have and will return the favour duly.

And here's to us always adding more years to the best years of our lives!


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